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Right Wireless Plan for You

Blazing-fast Data, Unlimited text and calls services is a necessity for everyone in this global era.
Aisha offers not just the global age necessities like others, but at the most cost-effective price with flexible plans suitable for your homes, offices, and Industries- you surely deserve to have the whole goodies of uninterrupted video streaming, downloading of files, and online gaming connections with no thoughts of how expensive it could be.
Now is a great time to switch to Aisha mobile.

Reasons why people choose Aisha Mobile

Come along with your device

There’s nothing to worry about unlocking your phone or buying a new phone. Almost all devices work on Aisha Mobile.

No contract

No subjection to any lengthy or yearly binding agreements. No form of penalties for defaulting. You could go the same way you came because we are confident enough not to tie you to any signings.

Create your flexible plan

With us, there is no upfront deposit. Pay for what you use. You could change current plan to a new one whenever.

No intruding into your privacy

There are no caps or restriction on calls. No credit checks. Your personal details is off the eyes of anyone.

Blazing Speeds available on all networks

Regardless of where ever you may be in America. You can be sure of an ultra-fast reception on 4G networks; or should you be situated where a 4G isn’t available? No worries, as there’s an a fast reception on the 3G and 2G as well.

Available Plans

Aisha Mobile in her quest to satisfy her clients’ specific data needs offers wireless services to homes, schools, colleges, hotels, and motels.

Residential Plan

This plan is specifically for homes, hotels and motels. This service is suitable for users who want a 24 hours connection. With this plan in place in your homes or hotels, you or your clients can also be on the go and stay tuned with the latest trends. Get started right here

Commercial Plan

This plan provides more massive wireless reception to industries, schools research institutes and offices due to the larger demand for data connection. This plan can efficiently cater for multiple computer and internet capable devices. Get an assessment of the perfect connection size for you.

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